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Gargoyle the 4th


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Gargoyle the 4th is one mean, clean, sitting machine. Just look at his posture, his balance, his confidence. This gargoyle knows what it means to sit for extended periods of time and does he ever excel at it. Whether you need this stud of stone to accentuate your home, party, or film set, you can count on the fact that he will stay exactly where you put him. Until the end of time.

This gargoyle is also available positioned on a pillar, which hades has purchased for his front entrance!

All our statues are crafted and painted by hand. Made from fiberglass, our sculptures have the benefit of being both light and long-lasting and are equipped to be stationed indoors or out.


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Weight 44.09 lbs
Dimensions 17.72 × 25.59 × 33.46 in
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