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Cactus with Base

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The legendary cactus. Many overlook this plant due to its popularity in film and media but let’s not forget just how formidable these plants are. Not only can they retain a ridiculous amount of water in the driest of climates, or regularly live for 200 years, but they are literally covered in spears. Mother nature said “I’m bored. You know those green lumps that can survive off almost nothing for centuries? Let’s put, I don’t know, knives on it or something.” Porcupines clearly cheated off them in class. We’ve gone ahead and recreated our spiky friend out of poly-resin, making it nearly as durable as the true plant. Not only is it strong, but it’s all dressed up with nowhere to go! It would be the perfect guest to your party, prop for your film, or star of your photoshoot. Order now!

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Dimensions 29.92 × 27.56 × 62.99 in
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