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Santa Throne Illuminated


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Introducing the Light-Up Santa Throne – the perfect addition to your holiday decorations. This majestic seat is made from high-quality resin and features intricate gold detailing, providing ultimate comfort for Santa as he listens to the wishes of excited children. But the real magic of the Light-Up Santa Throne is in its illuminating design.

The throne is adorned with beautiful, high-quality outdoor LED lights that twinkle and dance, adding a touch of wonder to any space. The lights can be set to a steady glow or can be set to twinkle in a variety of patterns, creating a mesmerizing display. And with the included remote control, it’s easy to adjust the settings and create the perfect ambiance for your holiday celebrations.

Measuring 61 inches in height and 24 inches in width, the Light-Up Santa Throne is the perfect size for Santa to sit and listen to the wishes of children of all ages. The sturdy frame and comfortable design provide support and make it the ideal spot for Santa to rest as he spreads holiday cheer.

So if you want to add a touch of magic to your holiday decorations, look no further than the Light-Up Santa Throne. Its beauty, comfort, and illuminating design are sure to make it the centerpiece of your seasonal festivities. Order yours today and let the holiday magic begin!