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  • Comic Zebra with Base


    The barcode of the animal kingdom just got one step closer to domestication. The reality is that the zebra is a wild, untamable creature and will remain that way for the foreseeable future. We want these natural beauties to thrive…

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  • Fly Agaric Mushroom 250cm


    Have you ever wondered what might happen should a power-up mushroom consume one of its own? You need not look any further than the Luxury Statue Company. This mushroom stands at over 8ft tall making it an outlier within its…

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  • Available for pre-order

    Mini Candy Cane with Base


    Mini candy cane sat on a base. Need I say more? It may not be the biggest candy cane, or the smartest, but I’ll be darned if this cane isn’t doing everything it can to bring you the decoration that…

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  • Polar Bear Standing


    Okay, who did it? Who set off the bear!? They don’t just stand up like that for no reason! Don’t you know they’re the largest land carnivores on earth, weigh up to 800 kg, and can smell their prey from…

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