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  • Blue Dinosaur Head – Wall Mount


    It is common practice for some hunters to mount the taxidermized head of their prey on a wall. Elephants, lions, and tigers are among the victims, but it has been done before, it’s tacky, and not all that impressive considering…

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  • Egyptian Scarab Wall Art


    The scarab symbol was one of the most important Egyptian symbols in the mythology of Egypt. The Scarab symbolized the sun because the Egyptians saw similarities between the scarab beetle rolling the dung and the sun god rolling the sun,…

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  • Gummy Bear Pop Art – Wall Art


    I am a gummy bear. Yes! I am a gummy bear. I am a yummy, funny, lucky, shiney, gummy bear. Available for purchase or rental for any occasion, event, or film productions. Based in Niagara Falls, rentals available for Toronto,…

  • Zombie Attack Wall Art


    People are going to tell you to get used to this. That feeling of being scared. They’re going to say it’ll be better when you learn to ignore it. Listen to them, hold on to it, remember it… don’t let…

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