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  • Baby Blue Hatching Dinosaur


    Not a dog nor cat person? Regular lizards just not cutting it? Extinguish your boredom with the pet that you deserve. Bring this little hatchling with you and watch your home turn into a park of Jurassic quality. DISCLAIMER: Does…

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  • Blue Dilophosaurus


    Being one of the most recognizable yet mysterious species of dinosaurs, our Dilophosaurus is the prefect candidate to attract everyone’s attention. With razor sharp teeth and neck gills that jump out at the speed of light, you would not want…

  • Brown Dilophosaurus


    Sprinting through the jungle at 30 Mph, 8 feet tall and 20 feet long, the Dilophosaurus was truly an apex predator at the top of the food chain. This dangerous dino has a deadly jaw optimized for bite force in…