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  • Comic Monkey with Base


    It’s very humbling to think that we’ve evolved from the same ancestor as our monkey counterparts. We can be proud of our rambunctious relatives however, for we share the same desires of eating bananas or climbing good-looking trees. At the…

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  • Comic Rhino Explorer with Base


    You’re lost in the sweltering heat of the rainforest. Directionless, hungry, and exhausted. The spider monkeys and anacondas are of no help, but do you know who is? That’s right. Explorer Rhino knows these parts like the back of its…

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  • Comic Zebra with Base


    The barcode of the animal kingdom just got one step closer to domestication. The reality is that the zebra is a wild, untamable creature and will remain that way for the foreseeable future. We want these natural beauties to thrive…

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